The Curriculum will be innovative and conceived taking into account the changed health necessities of the population, but still completely compatible with the curricula of the other Ugandan and international Universities.

A Consultative Committee was activated for the Curriculum planning, with participation of professors from the Universities of Gulu, Makerere e Mbarara, representatives of Ministries and international partners.

The course will last 5 years plus one-year internship.

Teaching of basic science will be initially combined with clinical sciences, in order to strengthen the students’ motivation.

Didactic integration shall be horizontal (within the same didactic phase) and vertical (across a number of years of courses, learning and training).

The teaching method will be particularly founded on the learning ability of the student: “We will be more interested to what the student learns rather than to what professors teach”

For this reason the curriculum foresees several activities of guided learning. Moreover, computer based learning and distance learning will be fostered by the necessary technology.


Since the first years, each student will be transferred the methodology for reading, interpret and plan research activities.

Research plans will be an important element of integrated teaching and of learning activities, therefore all students will be encouraged to start a research plan for their graduation thesis.

Priority will be given to research plans centred on activities aiming at improving the clinical activity and to the understanding of the local health needs.