Who can join

University Professors and Italian experts

The Federico II University of Naples shall supply professors for all subjects, necessary to carry out teaching activities in the rising Faculty of Medicine. All visiting professor will interact with their Ugandan colleagues on the same learning subjects in order to plan and carry out integrated courses.

Also teachers from Italy could collaborate in the following areas:

Aid in the definition and adaptation of the curriculum, with punctual definition of the learning objectives.

Proposal of didactic materials;

Support in the development of didactic laboratories;

  • Development of a system of evaluation and certification of the formative process;
  • Formation of an online archive of programmes, source websites, learning materials;
  • Guidance to the Tutors’ work;
  • Establishment of periodic contacts by e-mail with “twin” teacher and tutors;
  • Activities of evaluation by e-mail.

Teachers in Uganda could collaborate at:

  • Verifying programmes, objectives and didactic materials;
  • Carrying out a compact course of about 40 hours for 4 weeks;
  • Carrying out a cycle of interactive sessions and exercises;
  • Activities of evaluation;
  • Interact personally with the students.