Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

. To develop a Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gulu

. To apply an innovative formative method focused on the student

. To train doctors devoted to the patients and to the community

. To underline the necessity of prevention of diseases as principal response to the community needs

The aspirations animating the project are:

. To contribute to development by enhancing local human resources

. To transfer know-how and help to create technical and organisational competence

. To support Uganda in entering the international circuit of knowledge

. To experiment a new form of co-operation finalised to an independent growth of the beneficiary country

. To pay a continuous, not charitable, attention to the question of development


Distinctive characteristics of the project

. To emphasise the medical sectors directly related to the needs of local population, such as:

. First treatments

. Prevention of diseases

. Maternal-infant health

. Tropical medicine

. Integrated therapeutic approach

. To adopt the general tendency towards scientific excellence

. To be interrelated with other Ugandan Universities, by adopting an integrated teaching method for the central activities, so to favour doctors’ education and training based not only on solid scientific basis, but also on a significant clinical experience and complete dedication to patients.