1. Anatomy Dr. Ongom Peter Lecturer MBchB, M.MED(Surgery ) Full time
  Dr. Ocaya Anthony Teaching Assistant BVM On Study leave
  Dr. Kisige Michael Teaching Assistant MBchB, Diploma in Educ. (NTC). Honorary
  Dr. Okello Tom Lecturer MBchB, ME.MED (Surgery) Honorary
  Dr. Kitara David Lagoro Lecturer MBchB, M.MED


  Dr. Ogwang Martin Lecturer MBchB, M.MED


  Dr. Naisye Nelson Teaching Assistant Full time
  Mr. Alunga Jasper Lab. Technician Cert. Procecting Full time
2. Physiology Dr. Pido Bongomin Lecturer MBchB, M.MED Honorary
  Dr. Awor Sylvia Teaching Assistant Full time
  Mr. Okello M. Joseph Lab Technician Full time
  Dr. Beatrice Odongkara Teaching Assistant MBchB On study leave
  Dr. Obai Gerald Teaching Assistant BVM On study leave
3. Biochemistry Prof. J.H.P. Nyeko Senior Lecturer BVM, MSc, PhD, FUNAS Honorary
  Dr. Peter Vuzi Peter Lecturer
  Mr. Anywar Denis Arony Lab Technologist B.B.L (Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory) On Study leave
  Mr. Wanyama Ronald Teaching Assistant BSC Full time
4. Public Health Dr. Odong Patrick Olwedo Lecturer/ HoD B.D.S, MIH Full time
  Dr. Felix Kaducu Lecturer/Deputy Dean MBchB., MPH Full time
  Dr Yoti Z Lecturer MBchB., PGD TMPH, MPH. Honorary
  Dr Nattabi Barbra Lecturer MBchB., MPH Honorary
  Dr Upenytho G Lecturer MBchB., PGD TMPH, Mmed (Comm. Medicine) Honorary
  Dr Kilama J. J. R. Lecturer & HoD Physiology MBchB., MPH Honorary
  Dr. Layoo Alex Teaching Assistant Full time
5. Mental Health Dr Oyok Okello Thomas Lecturer / HoD MBchB., DTC & E, M.Med. Honorary
  Mr. Alipanga Benjamin Teaching Assistant BA (Social Sciences) Full time
  Dr. Okello James Lecturer Full time
6. Reproductive Health Dr Otim Tom Lecturer MBchB., Mmed Honorary
  Dr Odong Ayella Emilton Lecturer / Deputy Dean Lacor MBchB., Mmed (Obs & Gyn.) Honorary
  Dr. Andabati Gozanga Teaching Assistant MBchB. On Study leave
7. Paediatrics & Child Health Dr Iriso R. Lecturer MBchB., M.MED(Paed) Honorary
  Dr. Paul Stephen Ayella Ataro Teaching Assistant MBchB, PGD PPM Honorary
8. Pharmacology Prof. J.W. Ogwal-Okeng Senior Lecturer MBchB, MSc, PhD Full time
Dr. Odong Charles Okot Teaching Assistant BDS Full time
  Lamwaka Alice Veronica Lecturer B Pharm, Dip. Pharm Tech. Honorary
  Dr. Mshilla Maghanga Assistant Lecturer Full time?
10. Microbiology Assoc. Prof. Egweu Abaro Senior Lecturer Full time
  Mr. Luryama Moi lecturer HDMM; MSc.Microb Full time
11. Radiology Dr Opira CP Lecturer MBchB., MMed (Rad) Honorary
12. Internal Medicine Dr Pido Bongomin x 2 Lecturer MBchB., MMed Honorary
13. Anaesthesia Dr Nsangi Penelope Lecturer MBchB, MMed Honorary
14. Pathology Dr. Kidaaga Fredrick Lecturer Honorary
  Dr. Olwa Francis Teaching Assistant Full time
  Mr. Lalwak Alex Lab. Technician On Contract
  Mr. Obol James Lab. Technologist Full time




  • Prof. Luigi Greco (Paediatircs & Child Health Public Health)
  • Prof. Antonio Dello Russo ( Biochemistry)
  • Prof. Stella Carlomagno (Molecular Biology & Genetic)
  • Prof. Stefania Montagnani (Anatomy)
  • Prof. Antonio Colantuoni (Physiology)
  • Prof. Mariannita Lo Spinoso (Socio-Anthropology)
  • Prof. Donato Greco ( Biostatistics & Epidemiology)
  • Dr. Biagio Pedalino (Epidemiology ISS)
  • Dr. Franco Buonaguro (Bacteriology)
  • Prof. Lucio Nitch (Pathology)
  • Prof. Lucio Santoro (Neurophysiology)
  • Prof. Bruno Rotoli (Haematology)
  • Dr. Luigi Buonaguro (Virology)
  • Dr. Lucia Pastore Celentano (Disease Control and Environment Healt)
  • Dr. Bruno Ciancio (Disease Control and Environment Healt)
  • Dr. Marina Mayer (Paediatric)
  • Prof. Carlo Vigorito (Clinical Methods)
  • Prof. Angela Vagnente (Clinical Methods)
  • Prof. Marco Romano (Clinical Methods)
  • Prof. Contardo Vergari (Clinical Methods)