Partners and Roles

  Ugandan Government (Ministries of Education and Health)
• Finances, guides and controls the new Faculty

Gulu Regional Hospital
• Operates as Teaching Hospital

St Mary Hospital Lacor
•Operates as Teaching Hospital

Gulu Independent hospital
• Supplies structures for clinical training

Italian Co-operation – Italian Embassy in Uganda
• Participates in the University planning

University of Naples Federico II
. General Planning and Co-ordination
. Collaboration at the Curriculum planning
. Technical supervision of the Project in Uganda
. Secretary Management in Italy
. Professors in labour mobility per each semester of the first three years courses, as teachers in Uganda of compact courses of about 4 weeks, consultants for programmes, learning objectives, tutoring activities and evaluations

Università di Gulu
. Co-ordination and collaboration in the curriculum planning
. Management of the Project under the supervision of Dean
. Recruitment of personnel according to the Ugandan law
. Sites and equipment to consent the Italian visiting professors an effective collaboration
. Secretary management
. General management of students and all didactic activities of each semester

Superior Health Institute ISS of Rome
. Collaboration in the curriculum planning
. Participation in the didactic activities with qualified experts in Public Health, Statistics and Epidemiology, Microbiology, Virology and Immunology, Infectious diseases disciplines
. Participation in missions