Development plan

Development Plan faculty of Medicine, University of Gulu

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•  To support the development of a Faculty of Medicine based on innovative student-centred integrated teaching, aimed at the formation of medical doctors dedicated to the care of patients and community, with special emphasis towards disease prevention that responds to the needs of the community.

•  To set up a system for capacity building in the Health domain for Northern Uganda

Specific Aims Students’ needs

•  to expand the facilities of the existing Faculty to host the subsequent cohorts of students (classrooms, teaching aids)

•  to maintain a decent level of student’s welfare (residence, cafeteria, trasnport sports)

•  to improve on the learning environment of students (learning labs, library, e-learing)

•  to introduce students to individual and dipartimental research projects (community projects, research labs and consummables)

Capacity building for staff

•  to reinforce the adoption of international teaching materials and aids (computers, teaching aids etc)

•  to develop, maintain and evaluate innovative methods for Medical Education

•  to expand on e-learning with qualified international partners (e-learning hardware and software, international partnership)

•  to support exchange visits with qualified international partners (international partnership, multi-lateral partnership, projects)

•  to support post-graduate qualification and research training for staff (post-graduate courses, fellowships and research projects)

•  to develop community based research project (district and regional projects, integration with national and international stakeholders)


•  University of Gulu , Regional and District Health Authorities, NGO dedicated to Health and Development

•  University of Naples and other European Partners


This is a three years development plan